Crafty Power Tape - 81ft

Crafty Power Tape - 81ft

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Crafty Power Tape is a high-tack, permanent and translucent crafting tape. The adhesive is off-set from the liner, which makes it easy to apply Crafty Power Tape and remove the liner. The 25m dispenser box features a cutting edge. 

Use Crafty Power Tape on nearly any paper crafting project, including photos, paper, chipboard and cardstock. It's great for scrapbooking and card making. This high-tack tape is perfect for mixed media applications, including canvas, ribbon, wood, metal and embellishments.

  • 81ft x 0.25in high-tack, clear, permanent, double-sided tape

  • Built-In Dispenser box allows easy application

  • Cutting edge in dispenser makes precise cuts

  • Tape is easy to tear by hand

  • Easy to apply and remove liner