E-Z Runner - Single Dispenser-Disposable

E-Z Runner - Single Dispenser-Disposable

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The E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Dispenser is a favorite of crafters everywhere! Dispense E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips in lines, curves and circles.

Ridges for finger placement make the E-Z Runner® Permanent Strips Original Dispenser easy to use, even for beginners! Adhesive applies smooth, fast, touch-free, and without additional liners to remove. The unbreakable clear liner rolls up internally, leaving you with no mess and no fuss! No dry time or set up time!

Recycle the non-refillable E-Z Runners when the adhesive is used.

Our most popular adhesive, Permanent Strips, in the Original E-Z Runner® dispenser.

  • 33ft x 1/8in strips of permanent, double-sided, white adhesive
  • Permanent Strips allow easy application in curves, circles and lines